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Hand-crafted in Ireland, Christoff, by Alana Creations Ltd, is a Name Synonymous with Leading-edge, Custom-built Rooms for the Discerning Homeowner.

For Christoff, creating stunning custom-built rooms is about much more that the half century of craftsmanship and skill that underpins the brand through its people. It is a process that starts with listening to the client, understanding needs and desires and, ultimately, knowing in both head and heart what kind of room that client wants.

Next, it is a flight of imagination: visualising the possibilities in forms, materials, colours that will meet the functional purpose with an inspired aesthetic. The best imagined scheme becomes a series of drawings that, with tweaks and modifications, will evolve to become the working plan.

It is only now that the Christoff team sets to work to make that custom-built room a reality. We do not buy in pre-finished products; rather we create the parts, elements and products ourselves at our own manufacturing facility in Bellurgan (custom-designed, of course). At Christoff, traditional methods and consummate skill come together with the highest quality materials and our craftsmen take pride in delivering excellence down to the finest, most exquisite detail.

Christoff is famed for its bespoke kitchens and, as our reputation for creative excellence has grown, so our clients increasingly ask us to create many rooms for their homes. We bring the same attention to detail to lounges, bedrooms, bathrooms, staircases and hallways, as well as studies, games rooms, even in-home cinemas. We even create rooms and spaces for commercial, leisure and hospitaltiy customers. With showrooms in Dublin, Dundalk and Hillsborough, we invite you to see example of our craftsmanship and creativity. After all, Christoff custom-built rooms can be found in some of the most prestigious and luxurious homes all over Ireland and Great Britain.

At Christoff, we respect our clients’ desire for confidentiality but we hope you enjoy a preview of some of the custom-built rooms we have created for them.


At Christoff our philosophy of manufacturing quality furniture is born in the design process. We work hard to ensure that the quality of what we make is only matched by the service we offer. We 6 decades of expertise in both understanding and interpreting the needs of our clients, working with them to make furniture that exceeds their highest expectations. Our role is not just to make exceptional furniture, but to creatively inspire; to realise dreams.

Commissioning furniture is highly personal – we also hope to make it both pleasurable and inspiring. We see each client as an opportunity to be innovative in our design and to create something personal and special. We are both partners and guides in this process.

At your invitation, a member of our highly qualified design team will visit your home to understand your personal lifestyle and space. Visits can be made to our showrooms where our furniture can be experienced first hand. Whether you are looking for a kitchen, for bedroom furniture, a library or dressing room, every piece of furniture will be designed and made with precision and the reliability of decades of expertise.


The furniture alchemy of Christoff is created by knowledge accumulated with over 60 years of trading history.

Whilst deeply rooted in the heritage of traditional craft and artisanal furniture, with its human warmth and handmade aesthetic, meticulous attention to detail is the benchmark and central to the core of our furniture.

The creative problem solving approach of our designers, paired with the technical know-how of our furniture specialists and site managers ensures not only beauty, but functionality and quality bespoke furniture.

All our timber and stone is hand selected for grade and quality and our custom hardware and special components are specifically designed and manufactured by Christoff to meet the highest standards of quality and finish.


The quality of the installation is essential in the process of creating the highest quality fitted bespoke furniture. Our expert installation teams have exceptional levels expertise gained from years of installing projects in every kind of property, around Ireland and beond.

At Christoff Custom built Rooms, we work seamlessly with you architect, interior designer and your contractor in order to deliver our promise.

No two room designs are ever quite the same and that is where our decades of experience make the difference. Coordination with all the various trades, working to schedules and delivering and installing as a part of a project team is a vital part of our expertise.

We are always aware that we are guests in a client’s home and take every care to minimise any disruption.