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Craftsmanship – Men of great skill create the Christoff concept, they are dedicated artisans, for whom excellence is focusing a lifetime of learning the ways of wood. The work of their hands is hallmarked by the look and feel of great quality. They bring old skills to their quiet work of turning modern computer design into the magnificence of the Christoff Product. Pride of place, pride of product, pride in creating are all at the heart of the Christoff philosophy. Christoff is as unique as it is exclusive, those qualities come from the same passion that drove us to think first of creating the concept and the design and from that design through to the installation of the Christoff Product, at the heart of the home. We are embarked upon nothing less than a new creative dimension, the Christoff ingredients, the finest woods, the hardest granite, allow us to exceed all expectations when a project is accepted and delivered. Trees that were mere saplings when man first took to the air in flight give us the woods from which the Christoff Product is created. 


Christoff offer an end to end service meeting the expectation of excellence and quality. 

Design Consultation

At your invitation a member of our highly qualified design team will visit your home. Appointments can be made by contacting us or in our showrooms where pur bespoke cabinetry can be experienced first hand. 

End-to-End Manufacturing

All manufacturing of Christoff product is done in house by a team of highly skilled craftsmen with a passion of excellence.

Clients are then invited to view a "dry fit" of their project to experience how the design has been brought to life.

Fitting & Finishing

All Christoff work is hand finished onsite by a highly skilled team of installers ensuring the highest quality finish on the project

Let’s Work Together

Send us a message and we will be in touch. 

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